What a Mistake!!

11 05 2011

So you’ve been married for 20 plus years and you can’t stand the sight of the other, so the only thing to do is leave. WHY? What’s the point?!
Who wants to die alone? I get it, most of us want to be alone for days at a time after the kids and Hubby that always “need” something from you.
I think…. Suck it up now, u had plenty of time earlier, the grass is really not that much greener on the other side.


Just Thinking…….

3 05 2011

My father told me that my grandfather said ” there are times you will appreciate a good bowel movement as oppose to sex”, and I’ll say I concur. Being an adult is boring! Bills! Bills! Bills! Though Destiny’s Child sang it better. I can’t say which problems I would or won’t have with more money and less bills. Maybe…..just maybe, less fixing of the budget to put make fit in the green bag instead of the red and green. A dummy knows red and bills don’t mix.
When a mother, after doing laundry, kids, diapers, meals/snacks. And lets not forget the hubby, who might say he can do his own stuff. Yeah right! How is it possible to really upkeep yourself regularly, on a budget, little energy and a lack of time for self. With nowhere to go but to Walmart and Storytime. Should I pull the dust off my fur? Jk…. I don’t have a fur, but u get the picture. Speaking of Walmart, I shopped with my sister through the isles, and she’s in a diffrent city! Doesn’t that make a statement about the stake I should have in that place?!
Today! I say, will be that I try to get and stay “Bootylicious”. I’ll get back to you and let you know how that going.

Just Venting

29 04 2011

Why are people so caught up on improving their kids’ IQ? Who cares!!!!!! Let kids be kids! Let them lead the ay, remind us how we use to be…. Wasn’t that what Whitney sang? Lol!!! Parents, CPS, DHS…depending where u live, have all these rules for you to go by as a parent. We can’t beat our kids like we were, because some cry baby felt it was abuse. I remember we use to call each other “sissy” as an insult, bur now that want to give you hefty fines in the NBA. We want our kids to be what we were to stupid to be, or didn’t have the courage to be, and cottle them with a mummy’s boobie still in their mouth, so when life comes to crack them over the head, they think it’s just better to smoke it instead.
I cannot agree that this over consuming world is getting better. I don’t care if I had a gajillion dollars, there us NO way I would spend more than MAYBE $200 dollars on a sweet sixteen, getting them a house on wheels, Range Rover! Ridiculous!!!!! That’s why when we are bent over and have lost all our teeth, our world will cease to scalar, because of THIS world we said was ok to let ate kids live in. When I was old enough to work, which was 13yrs, it was a “requirement”, for me to have a job a d go to a school. And I’d better maintain my grades, but instead, we shelter our kids because we want them to not have to worry about hard life, but did you ever think what kind of an adult that kid will be?

Just Another Day

25 04 2011

Recently my husband took on three jobs, one by the way, I applied for and when they meet him they forgot all about me and hired him. I did childcare in my home but after I had my, almost 2yo, I absolutely couldn’t take it. For more than a year, I’ve been scowering the net looking for that, if not the million dollar thing, that it would at least keep me from starving or lapsing on our mortgage. Low and behold……..NOTHING! So not only am I currently broke, but my husband is always at work. How could he leave me alone with children!lol
However, lately I’ve been drowning in a see of laundry, dishes, hair on girls head, and picking up everyones everything. I have to admit, hearing about this royal wedding every 5 seconds makes me a bit jealous. She could throw her dirty royal undies on the floor and someone would happily fetch them. She could pop out kids one by one and run out of the house without the worry that things would destruct without her. I wonder how soft her bed is?

What Do You Know

24 04 2011

When I was little, I thought, I couldn’t wait to be a mother. I wanted ALL girls because I loved to do hair. Well, I do have ALL girls and I don’t exactly love to do hair as much as they want it done. Lol!!! Yes, I’m still working my way thru this “postpartum” deal, and it has been challenging.
If you are in a finical valley with little or NO health insurance, you can just forget about a speedy recovery. Its been rough I have to say, trying to find myself a non- groundhog day routine, drinking plenty of coffe because it makes me happy, and trying to lose weight…..creatively, when you’re ALWAYS are with you. When you go to the bathroom, there to wake you up in your deep sleep, or while you’re taking a shower they need to use the bathroom… What do you know, huh.
I could use some suggestions on how I can change my groundhog day! until next time!!

On What’s Current

24 02 2011

    I would be a liar if I said I didn’t like this girl……at first.  But since she has progressed she just seems to be the opposite of the “role model”  i want for my child.  When she came out with “Poker Face” and “Just Dance”, i was sending her mental kudos for her uniqueness even with her apperance because she could go outside and not be mobbed by eager fans.  You weren’t exactly sure of her apperance but it was new and diffrent.  Bthe performanceut I watched GMA this morning and saw the cutest little girl singing.  The problem was that she sang “I was born this way”, the new song that Gaga sang at the Grammy’s.  The problem was not the girls’ voice or her stage presence.  But let’s be clear, there are a few words taht I hope and actually never imagine could have the possibility of hearing “no matter if you’re gay,bi, don’t be a drag, just be a queen”.   At the very sound of those words coming out of that little souls’ mouth almost made me vomit!  Some of the role models that we have in the spotlight really damage the vaules that we try to teach our children. 

How can you say that I was “born this way” and relate being confused with gender to race?  I’ve been the other persuasion for my whole life and there isn’t a closet I can walk in and out of as I so choose.  Are we really stuffing these alternative lifestyles down our children’s throats because we say that being a “pervert” is ok?  When you say  that perversion is ok, and that goes to the extreme, then how can you retract that from them and go back to modesty?

A New Day!!

24 02 2011

Yes, long time no hear. Well, truth is that I have had ths cloud over me. I have been still living my groundhog day, but t was time to get a new focus. The other truth is that there are plenty of idiots out there who live more crazy lives that are filled wth more drama, more excitement than mines and I’m okay with that.
I said when I was younger that adults were dumb and boring because they watched the news. But truth is, the news is like cartoons for adults. There are soooooo many things happening in the world that I shouldn’t have time to relive my day agian. Don’t ya think. So my friends, Stay Tuned!!!

Groundhog’s Day…#3025

7 10 2010

Today is a day as all the same. “Groundhog’s day”! No matter what I do, I can’t get away from the basic routine of living the same day everyday, just in diffrent underware. As ususal, I’ve been on the grind in this cyberworld, trying to find the finacial solution to the “average stay at home mom’s’ solution. And believe me, when I find it, I will share. The very volitile emotional rollacoster that I have bee on thee last few weeks, has really taken it’s toll. But I have finally, I hope, come to the conclusion, that my worrying will not change the current situation that we live in. All I can safely do, is do my part and pray that someone can appreciate the effort and meet me part of the way.
I’ve been thinking about what it is I wan to do when I grow up, and all I can say is, from a you child, all I’ve wanted to do is write! I love words,charaters, life stories,chick flicks! I want to be apart of the revolution! Maybe the one attributes of depression is being a tortured artists inside.
I watched J.K Rolling on Oprah the other day, the Harry Potter genius, and I have to say, I was a bit angry after that. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to really watch it because I was jealous. Not of her”success”, but of my failure. I might be in my late 20’s, but I feel like I am in my late 50’s, and I should’ve arrived already. What is it that holds me from excelling to that level of billionaire or even thousandaire status, just to take care of my family, and take the weight off of my diligent husband. I know, I know…., it’s me!

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Mommy Dearest

20 09 2010

  Ok I must admit that I am a bit of a Mommy Dearest when it comes to redecorating.  I love colors and it is always so had to choose .  My husband is a decorating fanatic as well so we are often fighting (secretly) over what goes where.  Right now the girls’ room is a mint with pink, lavander and lime green.  I haven’t yet changed the babies’ crib colors into the lavander crib bedding quit yet.  I’ve thought about possibly changing everything, or at least combining everything to a a black and mint, then I would need to hunt furiously for a black crib bedding, and I don’t exctly see black crib beeding just chillin in the isles, but very unique.  I have even, dare I say it, thought of a farm crib bedding, but I can’t exactly go all the way that crazy combination.

Over the weekend my siblings and our spouses had a mini get together and we saw old pictures of ourselves.  In thoses pictures was me when I could see my collar bone.  It was somewhat depressing but challenging for me to ever get back to that collar bone state.  I took a walk, a long walk yesterday in hopes of melting away that fat that crowds my collar bone, alone.  But today I’ll have company, my 1yr old and I’ll do that after I pick up my 4yr old from pre school, using my Graco stroller.  Not exactly the cadillac of strollers.  What I really need is a Graco duoglide double stroller for my whinny 4yr old to go in next to my 1yr old because she complains about the walk from the school to the house which is a block and a half.  When I come up with these carzy thoughts it invades my thinking to where it comes up to be an obsession.  Now that I’ve said it, I need to get one of those cadiallacs for walking, a Graco duo glide double stroller!  Have you ever seen a 4yr old in a stroller and want to give her mom or dad a piece of your mind by telling them that that kid is too big to be in a stroller?  Now I get it.  They probally have a whinny brat that it helps to get them a Graco (duogile double stroller) too.

  I’m on a mission and I won’t sleep until I find all the assesories for the girls room.  Should it be lavender crib bedding, black crib bedding or even the crazy farm crib bedding?lol!

I Should Be Thin!!

7 09 2010

So after I had my last baby, who is now over the threshold of 1yr now, left 60lbs extra on me when she desended, of which by the way I had lost all of that before she came to be and then I got pregnant.  Now losing the weight Agian isn’t a cake walk at all, not to mention I love cake by the way!  But this is no easy feet.  I would do weight watchers but that only works if you have a husband who eats like a bird, or you’re single, because he won’t decide that he’ll just make it convient for him to not scavange for his lunch and just take yours, eat up all your WW snacks while you’re trying to keep the foods that are within your points to remain replinished so that you don’t cheat!  It’s also too expensive when you have multiple children who eat like a football team, so it’s either everybody eats or they watch you eat.  I even would like to have one of those stories to tell to Marie Osmound about my incredible weight loss, but that is a huge upfront cost, especially with my anxiety.

I run around all day clean, burping babies, changing diapers, yelling at kids, organizing, running up and down stairs….and I weigh as much as I did the day I delivered my 1yr old minus the enormous stomach.  That’s depressing!  I often go arouund saying, to my husband, that “it’s not like I just sit around eating bon bons all day”, I don’t even know where to get those things or who makes those even.  I need to get me some so maybe there’ll be some corrilation of my weight to bon bon ratio.  I don’t have time to eat least eating bon bons.  I should be thin!