What a Mistake!!

11 05 2011

So you’ve been married for 20 plus years and you can’t stand the sight of the other, so the only thing to do is leave. WHY? What’s the point?!
Who wants to die alone? I get it, most of us want to be alone for days at a time after the kids and Hubby that always “need” something from you.
I think…. Suck it up now, u had plenty of time earlier, the grass is really not that much greener on the other side.




2 responses

16 10 2011

Sometimes leaving is better, particularly in cases of domestic abuse.

But for the average, run-of-the-mill couples different is definitely not better. Unfortunately It can take a very long time to realize that and most people are not the patient sort.

16 10 2011

Thanks Cathy for your comment! I agree, some people aren’t that paitient 😉
You can read my updated blog at http://postpartumom.com

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