A New Day!!

24 02 2011

Yes, long time no hear. Well, truth is that I have had ths cloud over me. I have been still living my groundhog day, but t was time to get a new focus. The other truth is that there are plenty of idiots out there who live more crazy lives that are filled wth more drama, more excitement than mines and I’m okay with that.
I said when I was younger that adults were dumb and boring because they watched the news. But truth is, the news is like cartoons for adults. There are soooooo many things happening in the world that I shouldn’t have time to relive my day agian. Don’t ya think. So my friends, Stay Tuned!!!


Catching Up on What’s Current

25 05 2010

     Yesterday, over and over the entertainment news kept talking about that Ferguson women.  I can’t say I know her in dept like I do one of my favorite actresses but, who cares.  Maybe I wasn’t paying close attention to the meat of the story or maybe I did…what does it mean to sale access to a person?  Does that mean something close to murder?  I don’t know and really can care less.  Day in a day out they find a new way to drag another celebrity thru the mud.. I’ll admitt that maybe for a three day to a week  it’s interesting to hear about, but as they did Tiger………WHO CARES!  I don’t have to go home to Elin, that’s his deal.

When I look at the daily news, which happens to be something I enjoy that I didn’t get when my parents watched it, cause it didn’t seem very interesting at all.  I look at the priorities of this nation, my city, my state and wonder who cares about the common folk.  With Louisiana, Mississippi and Iowa having those floods and everything, people who don’t live their lives in ruin such as they do, daily, can sleep soundly because HIS/HER family is ok and safe.  What about the people with authority, this one specific town that has had massive disater with the flooding, has this monument downtown that was slightly damaged in that flood.  The marble may have made this monumet slightly damaged, at a close view, unpolished maybe.  This monument cost roughly $350,000 to repair, meanwhile there are still homeless people who lost everything in the flood, trailers, condemned homes and paying for a current place to live while paying for a home that they can’t greet each day.  Who  cares about if there is money alloted for such repairs, all that dumb red tape, there are people still 2 or more years later living the horror that happened years ago.  Where are “this great nations” priorities?!