Just Another Day

25 04 2011

Recently my husband took on three jobs, one by the way, I applied for and when they meet him they forgot all about me and hired him. I did childcare in my home but after I had my, almost 2yo, I absolutely couldn’t take it. For more than a year, I’ve been scowering the net looking for that, if not the million dollar thing, that it would at least keep me from starving or lapsing on our mortgage. Low and behold……..NOTHING! So not only am I currently broke, but my husband is always at work. How could he leave me alone with children!lol
However, lately I’ve been drowning in a see of laundry, dishes, hair on girls head, and picking up everyones everything. I have to admit, hearing about this royal wedding every 5 seconds makes me a bit jealous. She could throw her dirty royal undies on the floor and someone would happily fetch them. She could pop out kids one by one and run out of the house without the worry that things would destruct without her. I wonder how soft her bed is?