Mommy Dearest

20 09 2010

  Ok I must admit that I am a bit of a Mommy Dearest when it comes to redecorating.  I love colors and it is always so had to choose .  My husband is a decorating fanatic as well so we are often fighting (secretly) over what goes where.  Right now the girls’ room is a mint with pink, lavander and lime green.  I haven’t yet changed the babies’ crib colors into the lavander crib bedding quit yet.  I’ve thought about possibly changing everything, or at least combining everything to a a black and mint, then I would need to hunt furiously for a black crib bedding, and I don’t exctly see black crib beeding just chillin in the isles, but very unique.  I have even, dare I say it, thought of a farm crib bedding, but I can’t exactly go all the way that crazy combination.

Over the weekend my siblings and our spouses had a mini get together and we saw old pictures of ourselves.  In thoses pictures was me when I could see my collar bone.  It was somewhat depressing but challenging for me to ever get back to that collar bone state.  I took a walk, a long walk yesterday in hopes of melting away that fat that crowds my collar bone, alone.  But today I’ll have company, my 1yr old and I’ll do that after I pick up my 4yr old from pre school, using my Graco stroller.  Not exactly the cadillac of strollers.  What I really need is a Graco duoglide double stroller for my whinny 4yr old to go in next to my 1yr old because she complains about the walk from the school to the house which is a block and a half.  When I come up with these carzy thoughts it invades my thinking to where it comes up to be an obsession.  Now that I’ve said it, I need to get one of those cadiallacs for walking, a Graco duo glide double stroller!  Have you ever seen a 4yr old in a stroller and want to give her mom or dad a piece of your mind by telling them that that kid is too big to be in a stroller?  Now I get it.  They probally have a whinny brat that it helps to get them a Graco (duogile double stroller) too.

  I’m on a mission and I won’t sleep until I find all the assesories for the girls room.  Should it be lavender crib bedding, black crib bedding or even the crazy farm crib bedding?lol!


I Should Be Thin!!

7 09 2010

So after I had my last baby, who is now over the threshold of 1yr now, left 60lbs extra on me when she desended, of which by the way I had lost all of that before she came to be and then I got pregnant.  Now losing the weight Agian isn’t a cake walk at all, not to mention I love cake by the way!  But this is no easy feet.  I would do weight watchers but that only works if you have a husband who eats like a bird, or you’re single, because he won’t decide that he’ll just make it convient for him to not scavange for his lunch and just take yours, eat up all your WW snacks while you’re trying to keep the foods that are within your points to remain replinished so that you don’t cheat!  It’s also too expensive when you have multiple children who eat like a football team, so it’s either everybody eats or they watch you eat.  I even would like to have one of those stories to tell to Marie Osmound about my incredible weight loss, but that is a huge upfront cost, especially with my anxiety.

I run around all day clean, burping babies, changing diapers, yelling at kids, organizing, running up and down stairs….and I weigh as much as I did the day I delivered my 1yr old minus the enormous stomach.  That’s depressing!  I often go arouund saying, to my husband, that “it’s not like I just sit around eating bon bons all day”, I don’t even know where to get those things or who makes those even.  I need to get me some so maybe there’ll be some corrilation of my weight to bon bon ratio.  I don’t have time to eat least eating bon bons.  I should be thin!