Just Venting

29 04 2011

Why are people so caught up on improving their kids’ IQ? Who cares!!!!!! Let kids be kids! Let them lead the ay, remind us how we use to be…. Wasn’t that what Whitney sang? Lol!!! Parents, CPS, DHS…depending where u live, have all these rules for you to go by as a parent. We can’t beat our kids like we were, because some cry baby felt it was abuse. I remember we use to call each other “sissy” as an insult, bur now that want to give you hefty fines in the NBA. We want our kids to be what we were to stupid to be, or didn’t have the courage to be, and cottle them with a mummy’s boobie still in their mouth, so when life comes to crack them over the head, they think it’s just better to smoke it instead.
I cannot agree that this over consuming world is getting better. I don’t care if I had a gajillion dollars, there us NO way I would spend more than MAYBE $200 dollars on a sweet sixteen, getting them a house on wheels, Range Rover! Ridiculous!!!!! That’s why when we are bent over and have lost all our teeth, our world will cease to scalar, because of THIS world we said was ok to let ate kids live in. When I was old enough to work, which was 13yrs, it was a “requirement”, for me to have a job a d go to a school. And I’d better maintain my grades, but instead, we shelter our kids because we want them to not have to worry about hard life, but did you ever think what kind of an adult that kid will be?




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