I Should Be Thin!!

7 09 2010

So after I had my last baby, who is now over the threshold of 1yr now, left 60lbs extra on me when she desended, of which by the way I had lost all of that before she came to be and then I got pregnant.  Now losing the weight Agian isn’t a cake walk at all, not to mention I love cake by the way!  But this is no easy feet.  I would do weight watchers but that only works if you have a husband who eats like a bird, or you’re single, because he won’t decide that he’ll just make it convient for him to not scavange for his lunch and just take yours, eat up all your WW snacks while you’re trying to keep the foods that are within your points to remain replinished so that you don’t cheat!  It’s also too expensive when you have multiple children who eat like a football team, so it’s either everybody eats or they watch you eat.  I even would like to have one of those stories to tell to Marie Osmound about my incredible weight loss, but that is a huge upfront cost, especially with my anxiety.

I run around all day clean, burping babies, changing diapers, yelling at kids, organizing, running up and down stairs….and I weigh as much as I did the day I delivered my 1yr old minus the enormous stomach.  That’s depressing!  I often go arouund saying, to my husband, that “it’s not like I just sit around eating bon bons all day”, I don’t even know where to get those things or who makes those even.  I need to get me some so maybe there’ll be some corrilation of my weight to bon bon ratio.  I don’t have time to eat least eating bon bons.  I should be thin!



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