What Do You Know

24 04 2011

When I was little, I thought, I couldn’t wait to be a mother. I wanted ALL girls because I loved to do hair. Well, I do have ALL girls and I don’t exactly love to do hair as much as they want it done. Lol!!! Yes, I’m still working my way thru this “postpartum” deal, and it has been challenging.
If you are in a finical valley with little or NO health insurance, you can just forget about a speedy recovery. Its been rough I have to say, trying to find myself a non- groundhog day routine, drinking plenty of coffe because it makes me happy, and trying to lose weight…..creatively, when you’re ALWAYS are with you. When you go to the bathroom, there to wake you up in your deep sleep, or while you’re taking a shower they need to use the bathroom… What do you know, huh.
I could use some suggestions on how I can change my groundhog day! until next time!!




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