Today is the Beginning of the Rest of My Life!

25 08 2010

    Well I just had my morning right now I’m happy.  Patiently waiting on my happy pills that should arrive in the mail today.  If you would have told me that this would be my future idenity, I probaly would’ve slapped you!  “Stay at home Moms”…I use to envy them.  All they have to do is take care of kids and their hubbies, with that rock on their hand, driving the glorified mini van and live the good life.  Not that I ever looked down on them, but I thought it couldn’t be that hard.  Well, today it is a full time on top of full time job that NEVER is over.  When you leave work, you leave work.  But in this case your work is often in your face.  If you happen to have mental melt downs or sick days, the laundry is unforgiven.  All those tiny little onesies that have to be sorted, not to mention the regular up keep of the running of the household, like the dishes, meals, clean up after meals, baths.. of which I often try to put off as long as I can.  But, as i said after my coffe I’m feeling optimistic!

I have offically retired from the working world..thx to my hubby, but! of coarse there is a BUT!  Money is tight, bills are paid but no wiggle room, especially to accomidate my new love for “Littlest Pet Shop” hobby.  When you focus on your family the world is also unforgiving, someone suffers no matter what.  Not exactly going to fold thou.  I’m wayyyyyyyyy to curious and I actually love business, it’s just all the things I previouslly loved were killed out of me for neccesaity for survival.  Now I hate those things, so now I’m on a journey to find or make the job that is really not work at all.  Any ideas?  Today is the beginning of the rest of my life!