Just Thinking…….

3 05 2011

My father told me that my grandfather said ” there are times you will appreciate a good bowel movement as oppose to sex”, and I’ll say I concur. Being an adult is boring! Bills! Bills! Bills! Though Destiny’s Child sang it better. I can’t say which problems I would or won’t have with more money and less bills. Maybe…..just maybe, less fixing of the budget to put make fit in the green bag instead of the red and green. A dummy knows red and bills don’t mix.
When a mother, after doing laundry, kids, diapers, meals/snacks. And lets not forget the hubby, who might say he can do his own stuff. Yeah right! How is it possible to really upkeep yourself regularly, on a budget, little energy and a lack of time for self. With nowhere to go but to Walmart and Storytime. Should I pull the dust off my fur? Jk…. I don’t have a fur, but u get the picture. Speaking of Walmart, I shopped with my sister through the isles, and she’s in a diffrent city! Doesn’t that make a statement about the stake I should have in that place?!
Today! I say, will be that I try to get and stay “Bootylicious”. I’ll get back to you and let you know how that going.