On What’s Current

24 02 2011

    I would be a liar if I said I didn’t like this girl……at first.  But since she has progressed she just seems to be the opposite of the “role model”  i want for my child.  When she came out with “Poker Face” and “Just Dance”, i was sending her mental kudos for her uniqueness even with her apperance because she could go outside and not be mobbed by eager fans.  You weren’t exactly sure of her apperance but it was new and diffrent.  Bthe performanceut I watched GMA this morning and saw the cutest little girl singing.  The problem was that she sang “I was born this way”, the new song that Gaga sang at the Grammy’s.  The problem was not the girls’ voice or her stage presence.  But let’s be clear, there are a few words taht I hope and actually never imagine could have the possibility of hearing “no matter if you’re gay,bi, don’t be a drag, just be a queen”.   At the very sound of those words coming out of that little souls’ mouth almost made me vomit!  Some of the role models that we have in the spotlight really damage the vaules that we try to teach our children. 

How can you say that I was “born this way” and relate being confused with gender to race?  I’ve been the other persuasion for my whole life and there isn’t a closet I can walk in and out of as I so choose.  Are we really stuffing these alternative lifestyles down our children’s throats because we say that being a “pervert” is ok?  When you say  that perversion is ok, and that goes to the extreme, then how can you retract that from them and go back to modesty?