A New Day!!

24 02 2011

Yes, long time no hear. Well, truth is that I have had ths cloud over me. I have been still living my groundhog day, but t was time to get a new focus. The other truth is that there are plenty of idiots out there who live more crazy lives that are filled wth more drama, more excitement than mines and I’m okay with that.
I said when I was younger that adults were dumb and boring because they watched the news. But truth is, the news is like cartoons for adults. There are soooooo many things happening in the world that I shouldn’t have time to relive my day agian. Don’t ya think. So my friends, Stay Tuned!!!


Ohhh Monday!

17 05 2010

  It is yet the beginning of another week, Monday that is.  It makes me feel a little like ” Groundhog Day” when you wake up and do the same exact thing day in and day out.  I took a moment over the weekend to think about why am I a little edgy when I get up on a week day morning, well it’s because since my 4yr old was  8mo I’ve been at home with her…..with the same routine.  If you add that all up that’s over 900 days of groundhogism.  No wonder why I’m loosing my marbles or…lost my marbles.  Can you imagine 900 days in the same routine, nothing new :(.

 I sit here drinking my coffe, of by the which does  wonders for my hormones for some reason it makes me a bit level headed and less aggrevated, and eating my cement like oatmeal, because I’ve never been a genius water to oatmeal ratioer and the water usually gives out and makes my oatmeal cement like.  As I eat those two things and empty my current thoughts onto this blog I’m actully avoiding the real work that I have to do today.  My sister got married this weekend which means I have to unpack the loads of luggage that we have and I can’t even fold up the massive moutain of clothes that comes out of the washer.  Which that process will take me but two weeks to unpack.  Dreading the trip to the park……the getting out of the house is the challenge because you have to make sure that you have diapers, for the little ones, and drinks and the ones that potty go potty before you leave the house, and then by the time that all happens you’re ready  for a nap and they are just getting started.  When you become a mom I think you are an automatic “Park Taker Too”.   Moms you can just forget that extra time you would get, you have to save it for a rainy day to fold that laundry that has been sitting for a few weeks, or wash dishes or start dinner early, or even baking like Martha Stewart, is all gone down the drain cause you have to try to tire you kids out at the park.  While all that’s going on I have to keep on my todo list: remember to take care of yourself……isn’t that a shame?

I Had No Idea! Pt 1

28 04 2010

   Every woman I have had the pleasure of meeting, has as little girls, dreamed of being this Martha Stewardy wife with children that she loves deeply and they love her.  I don’t remember in those trial runs with Barbies, Cabbage Patch dolls and such that there would be something called, “Postpartum Deppression”.  I for oe am usually this pretty much happy go lucky person who if you’d ask someone, could describe me as a smily, on the bright side kind of person, I Had No Idea!

  When my first was born, I was so over protective of her.  No one could kiss her, give her direct eye contact or breath her air.  Pregnancy was as joyous as eating a gravel road….don’t get me wrong it had it’s moments, but then I became picky of the things that I could ingest and keep down.  The second I had it pretty much figured out.  I studied my sickness down to the science, eat to keep from throwing up.  By the time my little … what I call “Tuga” and don’t exactly ask me how that came to be, all of a sudden I lost all this weight and was feeling good.  I thought #4 was it and I really didn’t foresee #5.

I simply suggested to my husband maybe trying for a boy, oh and by the way we had 4 girls and to my suprise this wasn’t a boy either.  So, as soon as I uttered the word “let’s have a boy..” I was instantly pregnant and gained 20lbs.   At the end of my duration, that nasty little phrase kind of pooked out at me.  Oh I hoped it would come to greet me.  Sure I heard of Brooke Sheilds having “the baby blues” and close friends and even when she got flack for taking meds.  I still wasn’t totally convinced it could happen to me.  I smiled all the time , for no reason even.

I’ve self employeed for 4yrs, lived away from family for 6yrs.  It’s still hard to get use to when you have little outlets and husband travelling.  I love my life pretty much!  I thought!  I have a supportive husband who is a great pro active father, my kids have a father, present in body and mind of the which I know nothing about.  We’re not in credit card debt or anythiong major, but it hit me like a slithering pythoon.

I Had No Idea!

28 04 2010

  I dont personally know a women who has never at child hood played house , barbies, and had a few Cabbage Patches as their “pretend” children.