Didn’t This Day Already Happen….?

9 06 2010

OF COARSE IT DID…..I live in groundhog day!  This morning, as most mornings starts off with me wanting or planning to conquer the world…until my coffe wears off and I get hungry, then it’s over!  Not much NEW going on in my world, only that I am trying to shed the obesity pregnancy pounds that have I’ve been carrying on me for an almost extra year, which will be offical this time next month.

Today I watched GMA..which is my fav, and this woman who was the former editor of some Home and Garden magazine, says that her life was shattered when she lost her job…and it changed her life.  Really!  I want to hear about how she survived by the lost of income, did she almost face foreclosure, or car reprossesion, real stuff like that.  It might be in her book, but my guess is she had $$$$ and she was probaly just devastated by not having a job.  I would like to have some reasurrance that if I decided to leave my NOW job could I make it without going thru that hardship.  Let’s face it, she WAS the former editor of some magazine so she probaly had friends in high places.  I’m a generic author who writes but if you have no “high in the sky ” friends it’s hard to get an agent or even published, so of coarse she could actually get a book published and still pay her bills.  What do you think?

On another note…It’s been hard for me to consistantly be kind to myself.  Doing something for myself each day or week.  Like doing my hair, brushing my teeth, ironing my clothes…luxuries like that.  Is that why I feel like a turd?, because I never include me.  I don’t have time to loose weight, to take a long bath, to go to the bathroom for more than 5 mintues without the babies, the dog, my 4yr old’s questions.  No one told me when you became a mother all those things would go down the drain!  You think if you did hear of it from someone else or even saw a former foxy lady who became a mom and went down hill, you would say to yourself “how did she JUST let herself go?”.  When I look in the mirror I can see why.



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