Up Agianst My Will!

7 06 2010

  Well it’s mintues away from three ‘am as I begin this post.  Never did I predict to be up writing at this moment…since my early morning plans are ruined because I’m up now I guess it would be time to do this.  I’d planned to start a little bit of a exercise/me time regamine/taking care of mom thing for myself……maybe wake up about 6ish and take a bike ride on a trail, but all those dreams are shattered for this morning because I’m up with my 4yr old who is practically  screaming through the house about being scared of the dark.  She and her younger sister, my 11mo old, have just offically moved into their new room and it’s a bit strange to her I guess, especially how she was test driving the top bunk but it seemed to be more than she ..or even I can handle.  I had delayed about a week to actually put her sister’s crib into the new room, partially because she is noisey and the other, because I was being lazy.  As she screamed, two diffrent times, I kept telling her to calm down and PLEASE don’t wake up her sister…….She’s more than a bit of a drama queen and proceeded to sob, as her baby sister sat up in confusion on both attempts to put her back to sleep.  So I dragged the lighted coil rope thing , plugged it up, and put it under the bunk beds so that it wouldn’t be too overwhelming…you would think that was enough, but of coarse not!   She sobbed some more, I agian pleded with her about waking her sister, as she uttered “I’m scared, I want to watch tv”.  I then lost my cool…cause there goes my plans.  A dream deffered!  Knowing I need to lose a couple..two..three pounds because I’m feeling a bit old in the joints.

I gained 60lbs with this last pregnancy , and let me tell ya,it’s easy to gain than lose.  I nearly met my goal before I became pregnant, but those days seem far, far and away now because I have been trying multiple things since pretty much the day she was born…..and NOTHING!!!! Oh don’t mind me, I have a road map of delimas.  I know if I don’t get some sleep soon I will be a crabby patty in the other part of the morning!



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