Postpartum Dads? and Syndromes

20 05 2010

  I know it’s been about two days since the news touched on “postpartum dads”…..ok everyone has their own opinion about “the how” in this occuring in men.  I guess I don’t buy it totally because their hormones have done much of nothing in comparison to the women’s. I can relate as far as anxiety goes.  Of coarse sometimes the fear of the unknown gives someone anxiety and I think depression could come on the horizion if it really came down to it.  But today everything has a syndrome, like “sex addiction”…….. I don’t buy that for one minute nor do I see the possiblities.  I call it a cop out!

Sex addiction is called, problems at home that need to be resolved.  If a man isn’t getting any at home he could legitamately be starved for some nukey, and he, if pursued could fall for the hype of the panties of another, but not addiction.  It’s possible to keep his “Nukey Tank” so full that he will snub all others that come his way.  I’m not the one to nessecarily get in particular celebrities life, but a marriage is for a purpose, not just the ring and the dress, or expensive ceremony but for sex!  A life long intimate companion.  In a marriage sex is almost half of the pie graph as I’m realizing more and more as my marriage continues.   Yeah, yeah ..I know you’re thinking, it takes two to tango.  That whole situation is a mess and everybody is wrong and everybody is right…all I could say is what a mess!  Not a syndrome.



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