13 05 2010
  Thank God It’s THURSDAY!  Thursady you say, It’s my Friday.  Yet another week where I have grown tired of hearing my own voice.  It only took a lot of prayer and deep breathing to get to this day. 
Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday?  I was waiting for that episode to come on and reveal our miracle for losing weight.  Tough luck cause that only means I have to do some work to get to the end of this rainbow.  Oh well I guess, it could be an excuse for me to actually steal and rob some well needed, well deserved time for myself.  Lately I’ve began to blend into my misery.  My hair is a mess, I just throw on clothes, no matter if their wrinkled, and even sad to say, I can wear the same jean bottoms for five plus days.  No one beside my husband really notices anyway.  What’s the use, you think when you don’t really make any special apperances anywhere  anyway.  My days consist of talking to children, referrieng and repeating commands all day.  I need to get some tape, so I could cover my mouth, the only downside to that is if I put it over my mouth to muzzle my own voice, my very percotious four yr old will follow suite and it will be hard to reprogram her from doing that.  So to sum it up in a simple phrase “I just can’t win”! 

But I guess…….T.G.I.T!



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